Who I am.

Roz Chia

My name is Roz Chia. I'm a Chinese Australian, born in Australia. I have a personal and professional interest in exploring the history, psychology and sociology of Australia's diversity, because I embody diversity myself! 

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In the Hawkesbury, we enjoy a variety of people who live, work, study, serve and settle here. I'm a communicator seeking to explore and record the less statistical and more personal aspects of who we are.


Oral histories help to humanise the people and balance the history books.


Our life's story is one we're used to immortalising in the family system, creating timelines, genealogy information, legacy, emotional connections and most of all, identity. Our sense of identity, our family and our ethnicity are the foundation upon which we build the rest of our sense of "self". This is something all human beings benefit from, no matter where we're from and no matter what kind of person we might be.

Oral historians do an important job by recording the story and the character of their participant. This job may encompass things like:

  • Giving their participant the comfort of knowing their story is recorded for posterity

  • Adding a reliable and accessible record of the participant's image, voice, story and wishes to a family's collection, should they pass away.

  • Recording less tangible but equally important aspects of a person's identity and story, such as the use of specific languages/dialects, indicators of cultural norms, customs and dress, and historical context.

  • Correcting or balancing commonly held misconceptions about historical events or people

  • Adding a dimension to the relationship between their participant's group (race, ability, gender or otherwise) and its relationship with the general population and social systems.

Does the Diverse Hawkesbury project have an agenda? 

Of course it does!

To foster understanding and positivity towards diversity in the Hawkesbury community via oral histories and alternative media.

See you in my videos!