This is how we do!


The first part of the process is making contact with you - my participant! Sometimes I contact potential interviewees, and sometimes I am approached by people who wish to use my services to record and/or communicate their story. My first meeting with you will involve getting to know you and exploring the timeline and themes of your story together. If you wish to have your story recorded with me, it's a great start to prepare a timeline of dates and events of your life. The other things that can help are things like photographs, immigration documents, video files of family life and so on.


I welcome sponsorship from local business and individuals provided the sponsorship does not compromise the integrity of my work. 

Associating your business with Diverse Hawkesbury is a clear statement that your business not only SAYS they support diversity of age, culture, gender, ability and more, but also demonstrates your association with a project that is locally and technologically relevant, active and engaged!

I can advertise your business via advertising on my website, via sponsored posts, merchandise, social media posts and via your logo or photo on my "Supporters" page.

My vision for the project is to create video or easily shareable links to written stories, video or podcasts about Australians whose stories may be of interest and value to others. Not everyone goes to the library, but so many people are on Facebook! I aim to meet the community where they're at.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a huge part - if not the primary part - of the engagement that researchers, writers, activists undertake with their communities and international colleagues. I will be actively moderating, stimulating and sharing the discussions about the Hawkesbury's diversity with you there.

Parallel to my work as project founder of is my work as a volunteer, and I can often be found working with community groups to assist them in establishing an online presence, teaching them some basic social media and publicity skills, or just rolling up my sleeves to experience community with them. It's such a rewarding thing to do and I urge anyone with a spare hour each week to just get involved and do something for free for people who could really use a hand. It's lifechanging for all involved.

I am a staff writer with HDI News, and thanks to the enormous editorial scope of the Hawkesbury District Independent, my stories and their editorial tend to work hand-in-hand! You will find many of my adventures in my Diverse Hawkesbury column, out monthly and FREE at lots of different locations such as service stations and newsagents.

I also write for the sister magazine, the Hills District Independent, in which you will find not only my very own Diverse Hills column but a range of other stories and news. Both HDI News mags can be found online in digital form at


As a student of psychological science with a keen interest in research, social psychology, community, media and communications, my learning in the area is current, cross-disciplinary and proactive. Evidence-based narrative and access to actual statistics informs my work, and I can be found in the community all week long, chatting to locals and learning the lay of the land at grassroots level. I am a proud graduate of TAFE (Western Sydney Institute, 2007) and a current student of Edith Cowan University.