Samantha Lloyd

“I’ve been doing this now for two and a half... maybe three years. I was in an industry where I was working for a company, and when my brother passed away I was unable to get a lot of days off. It got to a point where I was running this at the same time as working seven days a week for this guy. It got too much. I was a fulltime carer for my brother, at the same time as working. The business took off like crazy, but my brother got really ill. In October last year, I lost him.

I started this business as a way of walking away from the other job if I wanted to, and I could! This is something I can choose. Like, if I want a day off, I can schedule the jobs through the week and everyone’s still getting their water.

My truck’s name is Suzi the Suzuki. My kelpie comes for a run with me now and then. There are now three women driving water trucks around here. We all chat. There were a few of the boys who were like, 'What’s a female doing in the industry? You don’t take this as a day job. It won’t kick off.' And I thought, 'Well, if it kicks off, it kicks off, but if it doesn’t, I’ve got work anyway.'

My favourite thing about this job is meeting people. Chatting. They have that reliance on you for water and it makes you feel good, because you can help someone and give them what they need. If we can’t have water, what do we do? That’s another reason I bought Suzi. It was hard to get water truck drivers, at the time. I tried to make it so I can be there when they don’t have someone.”

Samantha Lloyd, pictured at Kurmond.

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