Jan and Christine

When you really want to find a job you enjoy but you have unique barriers to achieving that goal, what kind of help is available here in the Hawkesbury?

My hope for this video is that Jan and Christine enjoy having their perspectives listened to and heard by their community. Secondly, I just want to share the information that there are people right here in the Hawkesbury who not only understand the concept of "barriers" to employment but really enjoy helping people into work they actually like! This includes people like Alex and Ange at Octec, but it also includes employers who understand that when they employ someone who lives with disability, it's not just their new employee who wins. Everyone wins, and that includes the employer and their customers. If you're a #Hawkesbury small business, please give it some thought and find out what's involved.

I am so excited to bring you the first of four videos in the #Fundability"YouTalk" series. Most of all, it was so nice to just sit with all the key players who are making these opportunities happen. It's such a positive thing to be doing, and you can see in this video that there's a kind of magic that happens when enough people gather around someone who needs support and provides that support. Employers who jump on board also receive a lot of support, but I think it all begins on a very basic level... in the heart and mind of an employer.

And no, I'm not sponsored by Octec. I just think they're doing their job really well, and if you're supporting people in my community who live with disability, I'm a fan. I'm fanning all the way down to videotown. Let me know what's happening in your world, Hawkesbury. I have three more videos to make in this series, and it's only just beginning. If you're a person living with disability or there is autism/neurodiversity in your world, tell me all about it and let's make something together to educate the wider community on your perspective. I'd love to hear from some adults on the spectrum who have a special interest and would love to teach us about their special interest.

Sit and check this one out. You should probably grab a coffee, because I PROMISE you'll be craving one by the end! 🤣☕

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