Maltese Night at Limestone Cafe

On Friday night, I went to Limestone Cafe in Schofields to check out their "Maltese Night", an evening of food, music, dancing and fun. I was invited to step past the Kinnie and sangria-jolly guests into the kitchen, and observe the happy staff at work.

As Joe Apap's infectiously happy tunes rang on, I observed the remarkable sight of not only Maltese faces in the kitchen but faces from other lands too. I couldn't hide my delight at the realisation that this really is the best of diverse Australia; many hands of every colour teaming together to create something the entire community can learn from and enjoy.

In the video below, you'll see a taste of the evening and an interview with chefs Stephen Sultana and Joseph Spiteri, wherein we learn a little about what it means to share your heritage through a successful small business like Limestone Cafe. We also hear Steve and Joe's stories on how they came to live in Australia and a little bit of history on what defines Maltese flavours and culture.

My sincere thanks to Ben and Tenneal, Steve, Joe and the team for their gracious hospitality.


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