From Phnom Penh to North Richmond

Seyla Chhay always has the brightest smile and the sunniest greeting for anyone going about their errands at the North Richmond shops. In our brief transactions with her at her bakery, it might be easy to overlook the opportunity to appreciate how far Seyla has journeyed to us from Cambodia. Her story is one of great upheaval and adjustment in learning to not only "get by" in such a different society, but take that extra step in establishing a profitable small business.

Seyla migrated to Australia with her family in 1995, originally working in bakeries in other western Sydney suburbs, before settling in North Richmond.

"I love this country. I'm so lucky to be here and I want us all to look after this beautiful island! The Hawkesbury is my favourite place in Australia, by far. Great people... great scenery. Everyone here is always so good to me."

Where in the world is Phnom Penh? To see a map, click here.

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