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Holy Hawkesbury-balls, they're here!


Now you can not only look super-localisedly-trendy with a cool hat on your noggin as you chuck mainies down Windsor Street, but you can help keep a great idea alive and fund the kilometres and hours I do out there on the road, getting the stories, making the videos and helping the nice people represent.


Thanks to Distinctive Image for their support in making this as affordable as possible, and to FundAbility for kicking off the merch pool. And of course, the ever-patient Tracey B for designing an awesome logo. You know. For FREE. Because she believed in this project from day one.


I have only one request - tag Diverse Hawkesbury on Instagram when you take your new DH snapback selfie! I wanna see you steppin' out in your new Snapback! 

DH Snapback Cap