You may have heard of Hawkesbury Doves; a collective of Hawkesbury women who serve their local community.


The group was formed in October 2018, and includes women of all backgrounds who work in all kinds of roles - paid or unpaid - to build a healthy Hawkesbury. They're the helpers, healers and peacebringers, which is why we are called "doves".

This group is open to anyone of any age who identifies as a woman and wishes to network, learn, share, develop and showcase what they do. Some examples of women in the group are:

  • social workers

  • youth workers

  • women in Local and Federal Government

  • teachers

  • philanthropists

  • advocates for locals on low incomes

  • charity representatives

  • women who work for disability orgs

  • an autism specialist

  • women who care for the arts

  • women who care for environment

  • Women from Merana Aboriginal Community Association for the Hawkesbury

The primary focus is on personal and professional development, as well as mutual emotional support, networking and resource sharing.

We meet at different Hawkesbury locations. Between events, we have easygoing "check-in" activities on the confidential and easygoing Facebook page, to keep us energised and in touch with one another.

We value the relaxed, safe, confidential dynamic of our group.

You can learn more by filling out the form below, joining the DH Doves Facebook page and checking in on this website!

We'd love to have you along. 


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Pictured: Top Left: Tracey Baglin, LPF Design. Top Right: Berinda Karp: Autism Specialist and advocate for kids and adults on the autism spectrum. Bottom Left: Mary Lyons-Buckett, Deputy Mayor of Hawkesbury City (photographed by Paul Baker). Bottom Right: Diverse Hawkesbury project founder Rozzie Chia.

"Whatever you can give is enough. You're a born helper, but nobody wants you to burn out. Look after yourself first. Be aware of boundaries and limitations, and be realistic."

Birgit Walter, Manager, North Richmond Community Centre.

MONDAY AUG 26, 2019
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